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Your reliable solution for wastewater disposal.

Water Product
• 100% virgin material
• Riser shaft that provides flexibility
• Reinforced structural base ring/ribs
• Can be supplied with watertight lid
• Easy to transport and install
• One piece rotationally moulded
• Rust and corrosion free
Septic Tank
Waste water from toilet is diverted to the septic tank for its effective treatment and safe disposal through an absorption pit.
Water Product
• Tight
• Hydraulic profile
• Universal joining
• Handy
• Resistant
• Imputrescible/rotproofTight
• Universal joining
A manhole or an Inspection Chamber is a vertical access chamber from the ground surface to the sewer network or other underground utilities.
Water Product
• Prevent foul odors
• Prevents sewer gases
• Prevent storm water
Gully Trap
A gully trap is a plumbing device that is buried in the ground to receive wastewater from your bathroom and laundry before it is emptied into the sewer main or absorption pit.
Water Product
• Made up of Glass fiber, Resin & Quartz
• Load ability as per BS EN124 Standard
• Quality assurance by ISO 9001: 2008
• Zero Scrap Value – Burglar Proof
• Resistance to Corrosion
• Can be carved with personalised logo
• Temperature resistant
GRP Manhole Cover
With a better performance than cast Iron, Duraco GRP (Glass Reinforced Fibre) manhole cover is made of RUST PROOF and UV resistant material.
Water Product
• Made of 100% virgin Polyethylene.
• Placed underground to avoid odours
• UV stabilised screwed lid.
• Available in six capacities
• Colour: Black
Grease Trap
A Grease trap is a plumbing device which intercept fats, oil, grease, and solids (fogs) from the kitchen sink before they enter the sewer network or an absorption pit.