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Water treatment (Bio UV) is the safest method to disinfect water for consumption. Treatment by ultraviolet light is natural, direct, radical and does not involve any chemical.

The BIO-UV system:

  1. Treats water originating from natural sources (wells, boreholes, intakes, etc.).
  2. Makes tap water safe to drink after disinfection using active carbon.
  3. Recycles rainwater for domestic use (conditions apply).


The BIO-UV Sanitization kit is equipped with 3 filters and a UV System:

  • Washable Screen Filter – 60 Microns: Removal of suspended matter more than 60 microns
  • Cartridge Filter – 10 Microns: Removal of suspended matter more than 10 microns
  • Carbon filter – Removal of odour, organic chemicals and bad taste
  • UV Reactor – Destroy bacteria and virus.

Advantages of the Bio-UV Water Treatment Kit:

  • Easy to maintain.
  • Does not modify the water ph.
  • No risks of overdosing and under dosing hence not harmful
  • No chemical products

BIO-UV reactors ensure that water complies with the health and safety requirement and with the Drinking Water Standards issued by the Mauritian Authority.

The working principle of the UV Systems

  • Invisible Ultraviolet light is produced inside the BIO-UV kit through the lamps.
  • The UV rays penetrate the cells of germs and disturb their metabolism until they are destroyed.
  • The reactors in the BIO-UV are dimensioned according to the pump flow rate, as it is the combination of the contact time in the reactor and the Power of the lamp(s) that will ensure the necessary dose that is required to kill 99.9% of the micro-organisms.

What is UV (Ultraviolet) treatment?

Ultra-violet radiation is a proven process for disinfecting water, air or solid surfaces that are microbiologically contaminated.

How often should I replace my lamp?

Our UV lamp produces visible light past the 10,000 hours. We recommend changing the lamp every 12 months to maintain optimum efficiency as ultraviolet output decreases over time. Our system is equipped with a timer which gives the running hours of the UV lamp.

Where should the BIO UV be installed?

The water purifier is intended for indoor use and should be installed in a dry place against a well-supported wall. Provision should be made for maintenance (keep at least 1m around the equipment). The kit should be installed after a water pump.

Why is it recommended to install a set of filters before the UV lamp?

Filtering prior to the ultraviolet water purifier removes contaminants and particulates that may interfere with the ultraviolet process.

 Does Duraco team provide maintenance services?

Upon purchase of our BIO UV kit, a maintenance contract is proposed to ensure regular servicing of your device.

Can I use filters other than the ones provided with the system?

To avoid contamination or misuse of the kit, it is not recommended to use other filters than the one proposed by Duraco.

Will the UV operate in case of power cut offs?

The system will not be operational as the filtration unit needs pressure from the water pump to activate the UV system.

What is the recommended temperature of the water?

Normal operating range is 60 degrees C. The water purifier must be connected to the cold-water line only

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