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Water Recycling by Duraco

Grey Water recycling is a sustainable move which can help:

  • Reduce water bill.
  • Take off loads from septic.
  • Save potable water
  • Energy saving on water transport.


Aqua2use® greywater recycling kit captures, pre-filters and diverts water from the bath, shower, wash basin and laundry to the lawn and garden for irrigation purposes. It does not only save water but reduces carbon dioxide emission which help on alleviating the global warming effects.

Model Capacity Length (L) Width (W) Height (H)
Aqua2use GWDD 30L 590mm 370mm 510mm


Grey Water Recycling by Duraco


How it works?

Step 1 : The greywater flows through the  first filtration chamber (Ch.1) that retains major + medium particles such as hair, lint, paper, detergent clogs and other impurities.

Step 2 : The greywater flows through the second filtration chamber (Ch.2) that retains medium + small particles

Step 3 : The greywater flows through the third filtration chamber (Ch.3) that retains small + minor particles

Step 4 : Filtered greywater is pumped for irrigation


Grey Water Filtered by Duraco


How does it work?

It simply diverts grey water from your waste pipe and then filters the water as it passes through the Patented 3-Dimensional Progressive Filter mats. Then the level-detecting pumping device pumps the water into your irrigation system automatically.

 What can I connect my unit to?

It should be connected to the discharge pipe from the laundry, shower and bath.

What do I need before I connect my unit?

You will need a power supply outlet at 240 Volts and access to the 50mm discharge pipes of your grey waste-water.

Why the Grey Water Recycling kit cannot be connected to my kitchen sink?

It is not advisable to reuse sink water. This water may contain many nutrients, food particles, oil and harsh detergents that are not suitable for reuse. Sink water is loaded with Fats, Oil and Grease which can clog the filters.

 Is the Aqua2use an Approved Grey Water Device?

It has the Australian Water Mark for a Pumped system and a Gravity system and is approved by EPA in NSW, Queensland, Victoria, Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia, and ACT.

Why is the Aqua2use different to other Grey Water Diversion Devices?

The Aqua2use is a designed to be the most efficient and advanced Grey Water Recycling System available on the market. The design makes it easy and simple to disperse the waste water through a sub-surface drip system.

What is the guarantee?

All parts and the pump are covered by a 12-month replacement warranty.

 How often do I have to replace or clean the filters?

The filters are designed to be cleaned over and over so you don’t need to replace them.
Testing in the field has shown that up to 60,000 litres can pass through the unit before they need cleaning. Recommended cleaning cycle is every 4-6 months. Dispose of waste thoughtfully and wear protective gloves when cleaning.

Who can service the pump?

The pump can be serviced by the plumber who installed your unit.

Who will install this unit?

Duraco technicians will install the unit upon purchase of the Grey water recycling kit.

What is the best way to disperse the Grey Water?

One of the best and easiest way is to use a grey water drip tube which has special in-built drippers that can handle grey water. We recommend the lilac drip tube (25mm) followed by Bioline 17mm drippline from Netafim.  Each garden has different requirements. Your irrigation specialist should advise on the irrigation systems installation.

How much drip tube do I need?

The recommendation is 100 meters  per person in the house. 100 meters equals 40 liters per minute.

Do I have to use a pump in this system?

If you have enough fall on your site this unit will work without a pump. The Aqua2use® is registered as a gravity greywater device. A minimum of 2 meters in height to effectively operate the G Drip tube hence it is critical to design the system correctly to operate on gravity.

Can I store the water once it has been through the Aqua2use?

It is not advisable to store grey water from any Grey Water Diversion device for more than 24 hours.

Can the unit handle hot water?

The pump and filters can handle water at elevated temperatures. Boiling water should not be discharged into any Grey Water Diversion Device.

Can the unit overflow?

The unit has an inbuilt overflow so if you accidentally leave the power switched on to your unit it will simply send the water to waste.

Can I bury this unit?

You can partially bury the unit up to a maximum depth of 400mm.
If you need to bury the unit more than this we recommend that you install the unit inside a suitable pit for ease of access for cleaning purposes.

Does this unit break down in the sun?

No it is made of UV resistant High Grade Poly Ethylene.

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