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3E Photovoltaic System by Duraco

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With Duraco 3E PV system, the photovoltaic panels generate electricity during the day for initial consumption. The excess energy that is generated will be stored in a battery for later use when there is no sunlight, such as during the evening.

In case both the photovoltaic system and battery power are insufficient due to unforeseen circumstances, the 3E inverter will switch automatically to CEB grid as backup. This helps to ensure a stable and uninterrupted supply of electricity while reducing your dependence on Grid energy.

3E PV system for your consumption

Monthly Electricity consumption in MUR 3E Photovoltaic System
Approximately Rs. 1500 2.5 kW
Approximately Rs. 2500 3.5 kW
Approximately Rs. 2500 and Rs. 5000 5 kW
More than Rs. 5000 10 kW

Warranty conditions

System Component Warranty
Solar Panels 12 Years: 25 years lifetime
Inverter 10 Years (Option 5 years available)
Batteries 48V100AH 10 Years (Option 5 years available)
Mounting structures and components 10 years
Workmanship 10 Years