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Our sustainable solutions.

Green Product
• Treats water from natural sources.
• Disinfect tap water.
• Recycles rainwater (under conditions).
Water Treatment – Bio UV
Our BIO UV is the safest method to disinfect water for consumption. Treatment by ultraviolet light is natural, direct, radical and does not involve any chemical.
Green Product
• Reduce the water bill.
• Take off loads from septic.
• Save potable water
• Energy saving on water transport.
Grey Water Recycling
It diverts grey water from your waste pipe and filters the water as it passes through the Patented 3-Dimensional Progressive Filter mats.
Green Product
• 100% virgin material
• Moulded in-one-piece design
• Opaque design and UV stabilized
• Holes on sides for airflow
• No odour imparted
• High impact resistance
• Easy transfer of compost to containers
Compost Bin
Our compost bin creates the right conditions for rapidly growing micro-organisms which decompose organic wastes to form compost